Adblocker for Youtube

Never watch a Youtube Ad forever. Available on Chrome and Firefox

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We remove every on No more ads between videos or inside.

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Daily Filterupdates

The extension is up to date with every Youtube change. Updates in the background.

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Better Batterlife

Youtube and Google Ads suck an immense amount of power. We increase your battery life.

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Bug Reporting

If you see an ad, you can report it to us and we update the filter for every user.

Built from the ground up for speed!

We use only the essentials to block ads with css, minimal javascript an not interfere with any website.

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Advanced Filterlists

Daily updated filterlist guarantee the best adblocking experience of all content blocker.

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No Acceptable Ads

We block all ads on We don't have any whitelist for some "better" ads. Full blocking!

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Filterlists Syncing

We are testing filterlist sync across firefox to chrome and back. Stay tuned.

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Unlimited Filtering

We don't stop to work after some number of ads, working forever and killing ads!

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Bandwith Saving

The amount of data that ads are using is enormous when you try to save data on 360p/480p videos.

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Experimental Features

We are developing extended features to block not only Youtube Ads, but all Video Ads on Facebook, Vimeo, Buzzfeed and more.

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